Our first meet

The BFC officially registered itself with mozilla in around october 2013. We had initially taken care of all the administrative issues and had a core group of people involved in the community. Then came the end semester exams and we had to remain dormant for most part of december. We went back to our homes for the winter break.Β  This semester, BFC had its first meet on 14th Jan in the Student Activity Center ( SAC ). Everyone had turned up ( thankfully on time πŸ™‚ ) and we started soon after.

We started off with a brief intro session and what everyone wanted to do as a part of BFC as well as where they wanted it to be in the future. Needless to say, everyone had interesting ideas about the future and it was pretty exciting to share mine with others. Later, Subbu who had undergone the club lead training in the winters explained to us what he had done in the training and what we as Student Ambassadors were expected to do. We then moved on to events for this sem. We planned on having a introductory talk, a MozFest , firefox addon hackathons, workshops on HTML5 and other web technoligies and FirefoxOS related events. I sure we can pull these off

Our first meet :-)

Our first meet πŸ™‚

brainstorming session

Finally, we deciding to have the introductory talk on FOSS, what mozilla is and is not, what we as a campus club would be doing is planned to be held around 20th Jan.

Do keep checking this blog for more info.

We ended the meet with a treat at the nearby food king ( pics not included πŸ˜‰ )

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